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Oil Lubricated Screw Compressors

Oil Lubricated screw compressor from ELGi are mainstream products for industrial applications. Our oil-lubricated range offers long-lasting and cost effective compressed air solutions. 

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Oil Free Screw Compressors
Oil Free screw compressor from ELGi are the backbone of a range of industrial applications. Customers rely on the oil free range for sensitive applications with zero tolerance towards oil and lower environmental impact.
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Oil Lubricated Piston Compressors
ELGi’s oil-lubricated piston air compressors are designed to provide reliable high-fluctuated operation with load peaks, cost saving opportunity over a much longer life span, and a quick, easy maintainable compressed air solution.
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Oil Free Piston Compressors
ELGi’s oil free screw air compressors are the outcome of ELGi’s expertise in manufacturing and marketing of air compressors worldwide for the past 50 years. These air compressors are backed by emerging technology that conserves natural resources and prevents environmental pollution.
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Diesel Portable Compressor
Known for their reliability and ruggedness, ELGi portable air compressors are available in single and two stage models. They are used in a wide range of applications like jack hammers, rock drills, impact wrenches, chipping tools and sand blasting.
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Electrical Portable Compressors

Ideal for usage in mining and construction sites where electric power is easily available. These air compressors offer the benefit of quiet and emission-less operation.
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Air Accessories
Compressed air contains inherent impurities that are detrimental to the end applications. As efficient solutions, ELGi has developed ELGi AIRMATE systems and ELGi CONSERVE systems that are designed to remove these impurities for durability and enhanced performance.
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